"Let me be a few decades ahead of my time. What we know of DNA has totally obsoleted the current theories of evolution. In the future scientists and students of science will find current theories of evolution as laughable as the flat earth."

Stephen O. Searfoss Sr. 2000 AD

So what is the problem?

We now know that life exists and functions based on the information stored in DNA.

The nucleotides in DNA are subject to random changes or mutations.

The theory of Origin via Natural Selection proposes that Natural Selection acts as a filter on these random mutations.

It is proposed that Natural Selection favored mutations that gave us the current store of information in DNA.

The problem is that Natural Selection only has one criteria for its selection. The criteria is, does this mutation increase my reproducibility?

Mutations occur often with changes to just one or two nucleotides, sometimes with shifts, insertions or deletions of larger segments of nucleotides.

There is no general principal or theory that would explain why each mutation needed to form complex nucleotide sequences would in and of itself improve reproducibility of the organism.

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DNA is the most sophisticated design document we know in the universe. It contains all the information necessary to build a whole organism, say a human body.

The current theories of evolution do not even attempt to explain how any information regarding the requirements for survival were or are communicated into the DNA.

There are several ways (aside from human intervention) in which DNA can be modified. None of these modifications bring with them any information about the outside world.

So evolution seeks only to explain the mechanics of the DNA as a container. There is no attempt made to explain how the information got or gets there.

You could say that evolution doesn't even address the question of the information.

It is also important to note that DNA is an abstract design document. What do I mean by this? Well, that DNA does not contain one or a few of each kind of cell in the organism, say one or more skin cells, one or more bone cells and one or more brain cells. Instead DNA contains information that will be used to make these cells. The information is stored as sequences of A, C, G and T pairs.

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